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Carlow University Work
Carlow University athletes in action.

Gun Violence Awareness

Gun Violence Awareness Portraits

Carlow University Work
Carlow University launched the Social Justice Institute January 2017, with gun violence awareness as its inaugural “Educating for Justice” issue. As part of the launch, I shot this series of portraits of students, faculty, and staff who had lost a loved one to gun violence.

Tear Sheets

Carlow University Work
A collection of published work that include photographs I shot.

Campus Life


Concert photography for (formally

Campus Environment

Animal Rescue

Personal work:
One of the things I am passionate about is animal rescue. I have spent a number of years volunteering my time shooting simple adoption portraits (primarily dogs).

The Star Wars shoot concept came when I was reading about the issues surrounding the adoption rates of black animals. I wanted to create a series of photos that any shelter could use, would be fun to share and would promote awareness of this issue.

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