I’d invite you to take some time to see some of my work. Just click on a thumbnail to the left that has some interest.

Each project was created in Articulate Storyline, RISE, Camtasia or Powerpoint. I have been working Storyline since version 2.

The many roles I play in each project often flows like this.

  • Analyst:
    Working with business stakeholders and SME’s to clarify what problem are they trying to solve, and how they will know if the training program has produced a change or not.

  • Psychologist: 
    Gain an understanding of the audience and why they aren’t performing. Are they motivated? Do they have the skills? Do they have the knowledge? Do they have support? Are there structural barriers stopping them?

  • Architect:
    Define the kinds of learning that will address the needs. Is it pause and reflection, simulation, job aids, and so on.

  • Copywriter: 
    Words can be either be the undoing of a learning program or the savior. Sifting through all of the available content, identifying the value of it, and building a narrative that will meet the learner’s needs.

  • Creative Director and Technologist: Bring all of the pieces together to create one cohesive and coherent learning journey.

I hope you enjoy what you find and please do not hesitate to reach out for further clarification or questions.

All the best!