An Emerging Art Form

Believe it or not, these paintings are not oil on canvas. ..They ARE paintings… but not in a traditional sense.¬†
They are created in Photoshop using custom brushes and a Wacom tablet.
For over a year, I have been studying this technique under master oil painter and one of the technique founders Michelle Parsley. 
As my studies progress, I continue to learn how to faithfully reproduce work done in oil paints- all in Photoshop.

This isn’t some quick one-click filter.

One-click filters usually won’t allow you to deviate from the photograph very much (if at all) and generally have a very “mechanical” appearance.

While I use a computer screen as my canvas and a Wacom pen as my brush, every stroke is placed one at a time just as a painter would be standing at an easel. For this reason, it is 100% accurate to say that this is equal to painting in oils in every way. 

Photoshop vs. "Real" Oils


The time to paint oil on canvas is extensive. Easily a six-month or more time investment. Photoshop paintings can be complete in as little as 4 weeks


Oil is expensive. Canvas is expensive. The time required to create oil on canvas means even more expense. The cost of a Photoshop painting is roughly 1/3 of that of traditional oil on canvas making this beautiful art form accessible to most. If budget is a concern, you can have the look of oils at a fraction of the price.


Don’t live in Pennsylvania? No problem! I will ship Photoshop paintings directly to your door. This is something you simply do not do with oil on canvas.